So guys welcome back! let’s continue whoops! The girls are in trouble.


Tip #6: Do Not Get Obsessed

What pretty girls do not like is fanatical men who follow them step by step. If a lady does not want to give her phone number to you, don’t be obsessed to find it and call her day and night. If a pretty woman doesn’t feel like going on a date with you, do not become crazy by learning her weekly schedule to meet her without her wish. If a lovely Nigerian girl doesn’t like it, that is fine.

Tip #7: Catch Her Attention

It is necessary to grab attention of your dream Nigerian girl. She has to pay attention at you, and she must believe that she found you and chose from all those other men who surround her. How can you achieve this?

Glance at her once in a while. If you see that she is looking at you, smile back and look into her eyes. Do not avoid looking eye to eye because this is how people can express their interest without touching each other and even without speaking to each other. One glance can be a start to a very romantic relationship and even a happy family.

Tip #8: Pay Attention to Your Clothes and Look

Fashion is a great thing, but you do not have to follow all the latest trends to interest a pretty girl. Still it is must-do to pay attention to your clothes and overall look.

No woman is happy to spend a day (date, conversation, exchange glances) with a man who is dressed in dirty and boring clothing, who smells badly and looks very tired.

Find clean clothes for a date. Take a shower. Use some nice scent. Look elegant and neat. Show your nice manners and you will win her heart.

If you really want to be noticed by a pretty Nigerian girl in a crowd on the street you should choose bright and attractive colors. Be stylish and remember your hairstyle.

Tip #9: Be Polite

Every queen is willing to like a king with good manners. Women love polite men, so be polite with your Nigerian girl and you will catch her interest and attention.

Say ‘sorry’ when you feel sorry. Apologize if you were wrong. Always say ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’ and recollect all the phrases real gentlemen use in their real life.

Tip #10: Show Real Yourself

Never pretend. Try to be yourself, because a girl you like has to like ‘you’ and by ‘you’ we mean the real you.

Stay enthusiastic and feel around your girl as around your real friend. Listen to her, show your interest and prove that you are interested. This might sound really easy, but the reality is more complicated.

If you are not confident, not polite, not friendly, not sincere, not attentive, not nicely dressed and not accurate-looking, a woman will simply lose her interest and you won’t achieve your goal.

Hope you enjoy my tips just try to mix them up and find how best it suits you but trust me it suits everybody,and if you are finding a job by the side to make you some extra money why don’t you join how free platform for handworkers just visit our “About Us” to find out more about us see ya✌ and don’t forget important updates from us we keep you updated with all the latest happening and trends bye.