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Wem is the best spot to advertise, market, and buy or sell your services to genuine individuals.

We(wem) are the free online platform that provide people with means of selling their services far and near them.


Guides on how to find and sell Services.
How to post on Wem?
           How to get
           Services on Wem?
          Safety tips
        Sell your Services like a specialist!!



How to post on Wem?
1. Registration

The initial step is to Register that is by creating an account with us. Ensure you’re entering the right information, so your forthcoming customers could get in touch with you


2. Make great quality pictures of the service you are rendering.

Posting an advert with a great and clear quality photograph pixels best depicts your things. Ensure they show detailed and clear information of the thing you wish to publicize plainly and in the best light in order to draw in more buyers in the most ideal manner conceivable.



Choose a proper category/subcategory for your items, upload good quality photos of the ad. Enter a fair reasonable price. Write a clear title and a detailed description of your item. Click post job, your advert will be sent for review.


4. Answer the messages and calls from your prospective customers! In the event that all is well with your advert, it’ll be on Wem site in a few hours after we send it to our arbitration team for review. We’ll send you a confirmation mail and notification when your advert goes live. Check your email box and be ready to earn money!


How to find services on Wem?
1. Search for your desired service.

Find your ideal need the “find services around you now!” or under the categories and trending section. pick precisely what you are searching for

2. Contact Service Providers

The details of each service provider will be stated in their profiles with means of contacting them so just click on a particular ad check the available contacting means and contact the provider that owns that ads

Safety tips

How to sell your services safely?

Try to take the full payment at the completion of a job. Remember to use a safe location to meet.

Watch out for fake currency and money orders. Be aware that banks will not honor fake currency/money order and will hold you responsible for it.

Verify the buyer’s credentials if there is a request for bulk order. Ask the buyer to provide a photo ID and proof of address.

Ensure that your Service meets the features you listed in your ad to avoid any misunderstanding with the buyer.

Do not share your financial information except the one required for payment.


How to Find and Use Wem Platform Safely?

Always meet the service provider at a safe location and confirm his/her expertise of the particular service he/she is rendering. Following this one rule will help you avoid most scams.

Never transfer funds or use a debit card to pay someone you do not know before he/she perform the service they are rendering.

Always insist on clear and correct information on the condition of the price, payment.

Use only those payment methods that you trust and are familiar with never give out your account information

Do your research on comparative prices for the service you need.

Sell your Services like a specialist!

1. Focus on the details and categories of the advert.

Make great photographs of your service(jobs you are rendering), compose clear titles, better to make the description have a natty-gritty portrayal.


2. Reply prospective clients quickly, rapidly and efficiently.

Try not to make your customers hang tight for your message for a long period of time.

How to get more attention from prospective clients/buyers?

There are three ways you can get more customers, which means more attention:

1. Post great deals that make buyers want to tell their friends about you.

2. You can invite your Facebook friends to join and register on Wem.

3. You can also follow our page on Facebook, Twitter for more updates about our services.